The Importance of Interoperable Fire and Life Safety Data

Joel Osullivan Avatar


Interoperable data is essential to the life safety industry, allowing systems from various manufacturers to communicate effectively and efficiently.

By having a shared language, systems can relay information in real-time and react to threats quickly, ensuring the safety of people and property. By integrating collaborative systems, solution providers can create one cohesive platform that interacts with all sensors and devices, allowing for more comprehensive coverage.

Having one common language, organizations can avoid the expense of multiple system upgrades and the need to hire various vendors to service them. This leads to significant savings, both in time and money for the building owners and integrators. In addition, interoperability ensures that the right people are notified in the event of an emergency with the most comprehensive level of information available. With the right platform, the devices can be mapped on a live mobile application providing real time device information, no matter the hardware manufacturer in the field.

Before choosing your fire and life safety platform, please consider what it means long term to standardize with a proprietary brand versus a solution that connects seamlessly to all systems and software.