FireM provides multiple benefits for all stakeholders. Whether you’re a Asset Owner, Facility manager, Service Contractor or the occupant of a building

Reduce Response Time

Through FireM’s interface with building block plans, on-site responders will know exactly where the fire event is located.

Reduce Re-Active Maintenance

FireM data provides transparency on problematic devices enabling contractors to pro-actively identify what work needs to be completed before attending site.

Reduce Corporate Risk

FireM provides transparency on contractor testing as per relevant standards. Easily download test reports at the click of a button.

Reduce Brigade Call-outs

FireM data provides insights into “non-latching” pre-alarms allowing on-site responders to attend and prevent a full latching alarm occurring.

Improve Predictive Maintenance

Given the data from FireM is retained infinitely, operators can review historical panel data to better predict upcoming maintenance on assets.

Reduce Asset Damage

By reducing the on-site response time there is a better chance at reducing the damage to assets (if safe to do so).

FireM Benefits Include


Improves testing and maintenance reporting, replacing the need for imprecise manual (and often written) reporting

Cost Verification

Assists with the verification of costs relating to the maintenance of your fire systems

Compliance Transparency

Provides transparency around fire compliance for Facility Managers, Building Owners and Service Providers

Risk Mitigation

Indicates comprehensive, independently verifiable mitigation of risk to Occupants, Asset Managers, Building Owners and their insurers