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Solution Overview

The all-in-one whole of building fire panel event management solution

FireM is a versatile, IoT-enabled fire panel event management solution that can scale to the size and complexity of any building. The solution provides real-time insights into the status of any traditional fire system, and can connect to third party equipment, including:

– Smart Fire Extinguishers
– Smart Fire Doors
– Sprinkler Systems
– Suppression Systems

This comprehensive and customizable solution helps reduce fire risks and keep occupants safe by allowing building owners, operators and service contractors to identify events including faults, alarms, pre-alarms, and isolations. Notifications are provided in real-time, allowing immediate action to be taken.

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Reduce Response Time

Access real-time information on the type/location of an event reducing your time to respond appropriately

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Reduce Re-Active Maintenance

Review insights on problematic devices to pro-actively identify what requires investigation and why.

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Reduce Corporate Risk

FireM provides transparency on contractor testing ensuring you can verify it’s being done in-line with relevant standards.

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Reduce First Responder Call-Outs

Reduce unnecessary (and often costly) first responder call-outs and become more efficient

View your fire panel events the smarter way

By leveraging IoT Technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does FireM gather from the panel?
This depends entirely on the brand/model of FIP/FACU. Some panels provide us more information than others however at the very least, we will provide monitoring of Alarms, Faults, Pre-Alarms, Isolations. Providing you have an addressable panel, you will also receive information on the device itself including Zone/Group, Node, Loop, Sensor, Module ID’s.
Is FireM expensive?
FireM operates on a SaaS model (billed annually). Unlike traditional graphics/monitoring systems our solution is very affordable and doesn’t require expensive third party vendors to manage/update.
Can I install FireM myself?
No, only authorised Channel Partners can Supply, Install & Commission FireM. To find your nearest Channel Partner, contact our team today who will be more than happy to assist.
How does FireM integrate with my panel?
Our solution uses the onboard RS232/485 serial printer port. Depending on the brand/model of panel, an additional interface card may be required.
What LTE service provider do you use?
We use the Telstra NBIoT service in Australia given it’s extensive national coverage and reliability.
How to submit a support request?
You can contact our support team via the following information: Australia – Email:, Phone: 03 5555 5555, North America – Email:, Phone: 505 2222 8888. You can expect to receive contact from our team within a 4 hour period.

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